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Brand Specializing in Active Beauty, ACTÌBEAU

Actìbeau is a Korean beauty brand that specializes in the pursuit of active beauty. We created an optimized line of skincare, body-care, and make-up products that supports our customers’ fitness, sports, and leisure goals on their journey toward complete wellness. Our products contain ingredients that work to prevent and repair skin damage that can occur from pursuing an active lifestyle. We know that our customers strive for nothing less than to feel and look their best. At Actìbeau we believe in creating products that perform just as hard at maintaining healthy and beautiful skin during the process.

As the concept of healthy living expands, the awareness of health being not only physical but a balance of the spiritual and emotional, as well, is spreading. The idea of beauty products that are designed to support and sustain health and fitness activities in the pursuit of physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being is called “active beauty”.

The Leader of Active Beauty and the Ambassador of ACTÌBEAU / Aimee Cho

Aimee Cho, who is a golf teaching professional based out of U.S., is the leader of Active Beauty spreading golf all over the world, reaching 200k subscribers and a million video plays on YouTube, and is a representative of healthy beauty through golf.

Aimee Cho personally participated in the development of ACTÌBEAU products based on her experience through her outdoor activities, such as golf, in order to maintain her active beauty. She contributed in increasing the quality of the product by using the prototype products while teaching golf lessons by herself and evaluating the product thoroughly as a user.

As an ambassador of the ACTÌBEAU brand, Aimee Cho will introduce ACTÌBEAU to all the people around the world whom enjoy golf and pursue active beauty, and will help the embodiment of active beauty for them.